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On gloriotticicli.com your orders are rewarded with fabulous discount vouchers! Collect POINTS to buy our products at affordable prices.

  • 1 For every €8.00 spent earnings 1 Loyalty Point

    Register for the site and place an order.

  • 2 Collect Loyalty Points

    You will have the points credited to the delivered package.

    Points will add up after each of your purchases.

    To generate a "discount voucher" you will need a minimum of 95 points.

  • 3 Rewarded with Loyalty Points

    1 point= 0.15€

    Can be used at any time for an expense with a minimum amount of 85,00€.

    The validity period of the "discount voucher" is 365 days (1 year).

Rewarded with loyalty points!

To earn loyalty points, you must be registered with the gloriotticicli.it

You will receive a loyalty point for every €8.00 spent and each point will be converted to €0.15.

Points will add up with each purchase and you can convert them into "discount vouchers" to be used at any time and for any order for an expense with a minimum amount of €85.00.

To generate a "discount voucher" you will need a minimum of 95 points, the validity period of the voucher is 365 days (1 year).

At the time of purchase it is possible to convert only the points previously obtained and not those related to the purchase itself into vouchers because the points are credited only after the delivery of your order.


Each page of the catalogue shows the points related to each individual product and the sum of these with the possible amount of points of the products inserted in the cart.


You will receive one loyalty point for every €8.00 purchase and each point will be converted to €0.15.

How do I see the points I've accumulated?

You can check the status of your points at any time by logging in, clicking on your name at the top right and then on the MY FEDELT À POINTSbutton.


The points accumulated for each of your individual orders and the sum of all will be shown here.


Below the table there is the button for converting points into a voucher (here will also be shown the figure of your voucher).


Your points will then be converted into a voucher to use for an upcoming purchase.
Remember that the voucher has an expiration date for use, after which it will be automatically canceled.


How do I use my purchase buno?

After the purchase voucher is created, copy the alphanumeric code that is shown in the table.

punti-fedelta06 - Copia.png

Paste the code into the BUONI field at checkout


Pressing OK will update the price field by showing you the new amount to pay after applying the discount.

By clicking "Proceed with checkout" finish your order.
Returning to your "My Loyalty Points" area, you'll be able to see the updated points balance.

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